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Your Turn, NH: Repitching the Republican Party’s big tent

BY SARAH CRAWFORD STEWART and TYLER DEATON Republicans across New Hampshire were handed stunning losses on Election Day. Democrats stomped all over us, but it didn’t have to be this way. Instead of focusing on jobs and the economy, several of our leaders ignored demographic and political

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The best New Hampshire tweeters: A Fix List

By Rachel Weiner January 5, 2012 Two weeks ago, we brought you our first official Fix List — the best political tweeters in Iowa. Now the caucuses are over and the New Hampshire primary is just five days away, so of course our second Fix List is

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Will Huntsman’s New Hampshire-or-Bust Strategy Pay Off?

By Scott Conroy – September 30, 2011 Though it had already been apparent, Jon Huntsman on Thursday removed any remaining doubt that he is now for all intents and purposes a one-state candidate. In a move that acknowledged financial difficulties and the do-or-die scenario it faces in

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Jon Huntsman Taps Sarah Stewart To Lead New Hampshire Campaign

By Benjy Sarlin TALKING POINTS MEMO September  1, 2011 Jon Huntsman is shaking up his staff in New Hampshire, dropping his campaign manager for the state, Ethan Elion, and replacing him with a former aide to Tim Pawlenty. “Sarah Crawford Stewart, a seasoned New Hampshire strategist, will

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